This whole thing probably wouldn’t have gone down without the involvement of some very special people. I would be terribly amiss if I didn’t give them say. This is coming from me personally, Kozz.

Thank you belle

Kozz commission

My friend was so kind to make this, please check out her artwork!

Leon- thank you for this AWESOME art request.

Thanks Taylor- for these awesome pictures.

Auggie- My most faithful friend who tolerates the shit out of me, and who is a brilliant writer wrote up a great dream for her character Desdemona and also Eureka. Be sure to read them!

Cassie – thanks for the inspiration. Cassie’s characters – Kate and Mira, are referenced again and again.

Ricky – wrote a tantalizing dream scene for his character Taylor.)

Last but not least – LAURA. It is difficult to sandwich my gratitude into a chewable few sentences. Thank you for the adventure. There has not been anything, or will be anything, quite like it. I consider my time writing this thing up with you time very well spent. SOME day I shall meet you in person. Maybe via hangliding.

And this last acknowledgement is coming from Laura:

Kozz: you are an amazing outstanding wonderfully talented artist and I am so lucky to have the gift of exercising my own mindworld to create this bizarre and beautiful brainchild with you. It is those miraculously lucky chance meetings that made us start roleplaying together, and still more miraculously lucky that our brains resonate on precisely the same wavelengths, finding passion in those intense, deep, dark, dreamlike, nonsensical, and uncharted narratives. Thank you so much for all your brilliant creative energy, the stream of beautiful, inspired artwork, and the chance to collaborate on this epic piece.


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